NFTs in Immortals War are useful and practical in-game. While many NFTs today are collectibles or works of art, in-game NFTs have many uses.

NFT Coins can be traded outside of the game itself, and can be sold or traded on third-party websites. However, this NFTs are intended for in-game weapon use. Some NFTs are strong to increase attack damage. or add special effects to your attacks. and vehicle and mount NFTs that will increase your movement speed, while other NFTS will provide extra protection for your character.

In-game NFTs are more than collectibles. even though it looks cool But it is also fully functional and beneficial to your character in the game.

NFTs can be bought or sold at the in-game auction spot in the main city. at the auction point You can buy or sell your NFTs for in-game currency and original game tokens. You can also transfer your NFTs out of the game client. And can trade or exchange on third-party platforms as well.

Welcome to Immortals War

It is a PC platform game and also a blockchain FPS with an additional TPS system. This project is built with Unity for Multiplayer on Guild Chain, where players can experience exciting environments and missions. The game can be played in a variety of ways. You can also earn an income in the “Play To Earn” style.

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