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Immortals War is an FPS game with added TPS. It is a Co-Op Multiplayer with PVE Mode and PVP Mode where players compete for supremacy and maintain their territory for as long as possible.

The gameplay will be E-sports with rules set. The rules are created by the players/competitors having to abide by those rules. able to compete in both team and individual categories There will be tournaments to win prizes and special items continuously.

Team Death Math

is to set a high cumulative kill count and if any team collects Accumulate the number of kills to win.

Free For All

is to set a high cumulative kill count and allow players to collect kills Reaching the set will win. In which the player will not have friends in the team, in summary, a single player fights with everyone else in the room

Capture of Flag

Is a flag capturing mode by specifying the flag point of each team. By having that team run to capture the opponent's flag and bring it back to collect on their own side.


is to set a high cumulative kill count And let the player collect the required kills will win. In which the player will not have friends in the team In conclusion, a single player fights with others in the room.

Covert Point

is an area capturing mode, where it specifies the capturing point. And let the players hold the floor, whoever holds it the longest wins.

Gun Race

That is, the playing system is the same as Team Death math or Free For all, but will increase random guns when entering the field every time. who starts the game and dies


is bomb mode with a designated bombing point The bombing team had to place the bomb and escort it until the bomb exploded. and the bomb squad had to successfully intercept and disarm the bomb.

Battle Royal

is a lot of battle modes In which if the last person left alive is the winner Both team and individual are available.

Kill Confirmed

Is a mode to kill enemies and collect points from the enemy's corpse. If the target score is collected, then the game will be won.

Immortals War

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